Here's to you, Fred. Happy Birthday.

Time for the Pittsburg Penguins game!

Come #BeAlive with us in Pittsburg today! Stop by the Alleghany Sport Travel & Outdoor Show, Booth 804. Seminars at 2:30p & 7p.

For more information, visit:

We're back! We've been DROPPED into our hometown of #Pittsburg and will be at the Allegheny Sport Travel & Outdoor Show today through Sunday! Come see us in booth 804 for cool merchandise and signings with seminars at 4p and 7p tonight. For complete information, visit the show's website at:

A heartfelt thank you to everyone behind the Great American Outdoor Show for putting on one heck of a production that we were honored to be a part of. For every person that came to the show and to visit with us, talk hunting, adventures, buy our merchandise, ask for an signed pic... you are the reason we can do what we love, so thank you for your support and enthusiasm. Also to the The Sportsman Channel and our sponsors at the show, especially PSE Archery, for believing in us and standing behind us. And last but not least... these pictures are truly what it is all about. This is the future of the outdoors. This is why we #BeAlive.

Next stop: Pittsburg!

Happy Valentines Day from The Keefer Brothers!

Cheers to the Great American Outdoor Show! #BeAlive #After5

Thanks to everyone at the Great American Outdoor Show who visited us at the The Sportsman Channel booth! We're back at home base in #935... come by to pet Casey's beard, LOL!