On Thanksgiving Eve, catch up with The Keefer Brothers Chris Keefer of Rival Wild and Dropped: Project Alaska on some Thanksgiving traditions and what he's Thankful for!

Favorite side dish? Mashed Potatoes and Gravy!
Who does the cooking in your house? My wife Katie, my mother and mother in-law usually tag team the kitchen.
Do you have a signature dish that your family makes? Roxy’s Stuffing
Favorite dessert? My Wife’s Cheesecake
Thanksgiving tradition you'd like to share? Pie Noon…We eat all the pie’s at 12pm while waiting on the bird.
What are you most Thankful for this year? I am most Thankful for how God has blessed me and my family with health and happiness.



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The Keefer Brothers close in on a moose-rich stretch of river and run into several hurdles when they have to navigate and portage over a massive log jam! The obstacle threatens the success of their hunt, potentially forcing them down a section of water they didn't plan for.

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