Happy Father's Day to this amazing dude. Thanks for everything, Dad. #BeAlive

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Welcome to the family, Gunner!
#BabyRedBeard #BigBroRedBeard #PapaRedBeard #MomDoesntHaveaBeardThankGoodness


Baby Red Beard has arrived! Congratulations to Casey, Lisa and big brother Ryder Keefer! At 6lbs, 13oz. and 18.5" long, he has stolen their hearts. Name and more pics to come! #BeAlive

Having a blast at the Mumford and Sons concert! However one bearded brother is missing... that's because Baby Red Beard arrived tonight for Casey & Lisa! Pics to come. #BeAlive

It's not battling bears, but still stunning footage and sound of an owl defending his lunch from RECONYX.

This is a pretty cool UltraFire video of an Owl being harassed by a couple of Crows. Turn up the volume to hear him clacking his beak. Watch closely near the end of the video, he brought his own lunch...
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True story! Who else can confess?

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Been there and done that!! :)