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Just in time for the peak of hunting season, Hunter Safety System announces the launch of its new mobile app, Buck Spotter, available free for smartphones on iTunes and Google Play. This new app has been specifically created to allow users to stay connected with other hunters, as well as find locations to hunt. This app is right on target for the avid hunter!

Check it out now as this version features The Keefer Brothers!

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Dropped: Project Alaska 2.0

28 days of hardship and danger are about to begin. The Keefer Brothers. Alaska. One more time. Alone, surrounded by predators and frustration. All-New Dropped: Project Alaska 2.0 TONIGHT 8PM EP
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#TBT Thank you to my Dad and Grandfather for introducing me to this great sport and for allowing me to live my dream. #BeAlive!
-Chris Keefer, The Keefer Brothers

"We absolutely expected encounters with grizzlies since the river we were on had a huge fall silver salmon run, but that doesn’t prepare you to face an angry sow at 30 yards on a dead charge. You get a small sense of security knowing we’re able to carry a sidearm, but in all honesty, for us it’s an absolute last resort. You just really need to be aware of your surroundings, assess each situation and make the safest possible decision for the entire crew." -Casey Keefer, The Keefer Brothers

Let the epic begin.

Dropped: Project Alaska 2.0 premieres tonight at 8p ET on The Sportsman Channel! #BeAlive