This groundbreaking new series, from one of the most respected production houses in the industry, is an incredible blend and balance of the best in today’s outdoor, adventure and lifestyle programming.

Set in some of the most desolate, dangerous, and breathtaking places on earth, Dropped brings its viewers inside the minds of two young Professional Hunters, Casey and Chris Keefer.

While each series will bring it’s own unique set of challenges, the common ground between each new season is simple: Be Alive.

Many times, in today’s modern world, people find themselves lost in a world filled with superficial dramas and challenges. Dropped promises to bring viewers right up to the edge of their seats with each new twist and turn, but it also encourages them to get out and live their life for the moment. As the thrill seeking brothers willingly put themselves into some of the most spine-tingling situations one can think of, they will rely on the latest and greatest technology the hunting world has to offer in order to achieve their goal. This gripping series features 1 hour episodes and airs exclusively on Sportsman Channel.


Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
9:00 PM 12:00 AM 10:00 AM

Season 1 - Project Alaska
Season 2 - Project Yukon