The sophomore season begins January 15 at 9PM E/P, and will see brothers Chris and Casey Keefer try to survive and conquer the wilds of Canada’s vast Yukon Territory.

“For more than 100 years humans have tried to domesticate the Yukon–and to this day, it’s yet to be conquered,” said Casey Keefer. “This season tested our mental and physical survival skills more than ever. We’re traveling further than we did in Project Alaska, and we’re really pushing the limits across the board.”

“The one thing we heard the most last season from our fans was that they enjoyed the realism of the Alaskan hunt. This season, we will once again show the highs and lows of being in such a remote location for an extended period of time,” said Chris Keefer. “The odds are definitely stacked against us each time we set out for Dropped, so we really have to push ourselves to the max in order to get it done for our fans.”

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